optimise office space

Get value from your space investments

Understand how your space is used and help your teams make the most productive use of it. Managing space in the hybrid era is much more than just booking desks.

A group of people around a table in the office on a hybrid meeting with people who are remote

Understand your hybrid data

Understand what teams are using what space and the workstyles they are working. Optimise your investment in spaces and give managers data about their team.

A hybrid working analytics chart showing how many days different teams are in the office
People or initatives

It's more than a desk

Decide to be in the office based on whats important to your work. Know with certainty what days you can work on the things that are important to you in person.

Hybrid Workplace planning

Optimise hybrid workplace

Understand how your space is used and how your teams are working together. Use your hybrid data to shape the way you work and the spaces you offer.

hybrid schedule showing desks and metrics


Understand Best Practice

Use our guides to improve how you manage your approach to hybrid, flexible and remote working.

Two people sat at a desk in the office working hybrid with someone who is remote

What Is Hybrid Working? - Everything You Need To Know

A Comprehensive Guide To Hybrid Working, Answering What Hybrid Work Means and Explaining Everything You Need to Know About Hybrid Jobs And The Hybrid Working Model.

The future is flexible working sign post

Flexible Working FAQ: What Is Flexible Working?

Explaining everything there is know about flexible working, all your flexible work FAQs answered included 'What Is Flexible Working' and 'What Is A Job Share?'

some bricks with letters on spelling out the word gloassary

Remote Working Glossary

A complete glossary of all the words and terms relating to working from home, flexible working, remote working and hybrid jobs, understand what all these words mean!

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