Priorities change,
work flexibly.

People will return to the office but for less time than before. DuoMe helps hybrid teams plan work effectively by bringing the right people together, at the right time, in the right place.
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Our flexible working platform is used by hybrid teams to collaborate efficiently while working across locations and at different times. This is achieved by facilitating three main activities.

Schedule effective office time
Plan work by location
Work in or out of sync

It's more than just working from home.

Flexible working has come of age. Successful companies are recognising flexible working is key to attracting and retaining talent, offering employees more choice over where, when and how much they work.


Remote. Home. Office. Flexible workspace. Near-home. 3rd place.


Flexible hours. Core hours. Asynchronous. Output based working.

How much.

Job share. Part-time. Slashies. Portfolio career.

you work.

Deciding where to work is more than just picking a day, it's about who you need to work with and what you need to work on. DuoMe simplifies location planning and creates visibility of who is working where.

Not everyone
works when
you do

Recognising that office and remote hours may not always occur at the same time is key to a hybrid work style. DuoMe enables teams to easily share important information like what they work on, achievements, meeting notes and tasks.
Job share profiles

Create space.
Change how much
you work

Increasingly, people are taking more control over how much time they spend working. Job shares help employees work part-time hours whilst progressing their career. Companies are using DuoMe's job share platform to increase flexible working availability.

Enforced remote working during the Covid pandemic has changed how we work forever

DuoMe for Hybrid Teams helps teams to collaborate efficiently while working across locations and at different times. Companies need to support the change of work style for their teams. Contact us for more information or to request a demo.
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