Hybrid team scheduling

Its Work before Space for a reason

Help your hybrid teams get the most value from your workspace by coordinating great office days around the people and things they want to work on.

An example of hybrid scheduleAn example of hybrid schedule
An example of a hybrid team schedule from DuoMe
An example of a hybrid team schedule from DuoMe
An example of a hybrid team schedule from DuoMe
An example of a hybrid team schedule from DuoMe
An example of a hybrid team schedule from DuoMe

Make the office an asset

Increase office usage

Your teams shouldn’t decide the best day to attend the office by booking a desk. Attract people to the office by co-ordinating valuable days where the right people and topics are collaborating in the same space.

Hybrid working metrics

hybrid location planning

No more dud days in the office.

Give people visibility of what’s actually going on in your spaces. Book days in the office based on the people and topics being worked on. Keep updated as plans change.

a screenshot of DuoMe
DuoMe hybrid schedule
A hybrid team schedule with a recommendation card for an office day


Create great office days

Going to the office is about more than just booking a desk, it's about the people and topics being worked on. Know the best office days for your work priorities.


See who's where when

Work is no longer a location, it’s what you do across different locations. Organise how your hybrid team works and structure the types of work you do best by place.

Workspace Allocation

Simple space management

Manage office capacity with building, floors and zones. Allocate space as part of people communicating their work plans.

A hybrid schedule preferences form
hybrid schedule showing desks and metrics

Hybrid Workplace planning

Optimise hybrid workplace

Understand how your space is used and how your teams are working together. Use your hybrid data to shape the way you work and the spaces you offer.

platform integrations

Connect your work to its place

DuoMe integrates with your favorite tools to bring the work and place together. Secure, compliant and safe for todays global enterprises.

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Understand Best Practice

Use our guides to improve how you manage your approach to hybrid, flexible and remote working.

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Remote Working Glossary

A complete glossary of all the words and terms relating to working from home, flexible working, remote working and hybrid jobs, understand what all these words mean!

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Connect your people with your spaces

Get hybrid teams wanting to go back to the office by connecting them to the people and the work thats happening.

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