Flexible working is the future of work we all want

Flexible working is becoming the default workstyle, bringing employee control over when, where and even how we work. The best companies are offering multiple workstyles to attract the best talent.
A worker dressed in a space suit ready for the future of work

Trust employees to work flexibly

Enabling people to choose when and where they work at their productive best maximises the outcome for the organisation, customer and employee. DuoMe helps teams to work flexibly.


Plan to work in the location that produces the best outcome, Home, Office or Third Space


Engage, deliver and be included at the times you are most effective


One workstyle doesn't fit all, change how you work to enable you to contribute at your best 

Employees want effective flexible work days

Support your employees to plan where and when they work most effectively by giving them the visibility of who is working where and on what topic.
Hybrid location schedule
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Flexible working happens across space AND time

Office hours plus Zoom is not flexible working; employees are demanding more choice over when they work, not just where. Support them by helping teams to work in and out of sync with each other. The future of work is not just about location, it's across space and time.

Enforced remote working during the Covid pandemic has changed how we work forever

DuoMe for Hybrid Teams helps teams to collaborate efficiently while working across locations and at different times. Companies need to support the change of work style for their teams. Contact us for more information or to request a demo.
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