Part-time hours,
in full time roles.

Job shares are an effective way to offer employees more control over the hours they work. Job shares support employees to maintain their careers whilst deciding to work less.
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People want control over how they work.

Adding positions as open to job share, flexible working or part-time has a significant impact on the number of applicants.


Increase in job applicants for roles offering flexible working


Increase in women applicants for senior roles


More women appointed to senior roles
* Source: UK Government study of 20 million job applications
** Source:
Zurich Insurance opens all roles as flexible
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Find a job share

Almost any full-time job can be done as a job share, from CEO to trainee, and accountant to zoologist. Finding a job share partner to apply for jobs as a team is the most likely way to find your flexible future.

Connect over flexible jobs your interested in

More jobs than ever are being advertised offering flexibility and job share is a recognised type of flexible working in the UK. If finding a job share partner sounds daunting, DuoMe lets you connect to others by marking interest in jobs you'd like to apply to.
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Message potential job share partners

Connect to others looking to work flexibly and receive information when partners or job matches are available. DuoMe lets you message potential job share partners and companies can contact you about job share opportunities.

Companies looking to expand their job share candidates

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