Hybrid scheduling

Simple visibility of who's where when

Hybrid teams work in different locations on different days. Providing a hybrid schedule so teams can plan when to be where is essential. Simplify planning when to be in the office.

hybrid location planning

No more dud days in the office.

Give people visibility of what’s actually going on in your spaces. Book days in the office based on the people and topics being worked on. Keep updated as plans change.

a screenshot of DuoMe
scheduling workflow

Make it simple to plan

Users  set default workplans that show where they usually work from. If nothing changes the scheduling workflow automatically submits and assigns space.

An email notification from DuoMe to submit a workplan

Know what to expect

Planning a day in the office is about the teams, initiatives, spaces and people who will be there. Search for what important to you.


Create great office days

Take the effort out of planning and co-ordinating great office days. Your DuoMe hybrid schedule will show you the best office days based on your preferences.

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