Tips To Manage Distributed Teams

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Chartered Management Institute Article

I wrote the attached article for the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) on some themes we believe in at DuoMe to manage remote and distributed teams.  We think that remote working and flexible hours are intrinsically linked.  

Supporting managers to better manage distributed teams is currently one of the most important ways we can support seeing further uptake of flexible working. Here are my tips and a link to the article below.

  1. Acknowledge That Priorities Have Changed
  2. Trust People
  3. Don’t Demand Constant Check-ins; Be A Coach
  4. Lean Towards Written Communication
  5. Find New Ways To Build And Maintain Connections

Eric Evans

Eric Evans

Technologist & co-founder of DuoMe

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Thinking about returning to work, but can’t work full-time?  Currently working, but want to make time for other things?  Flexible working helps you shape the hours, location, and scope of your work to fit the life you want to lead.  

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