Out of sight,
not out of mind

As teams spend less physical time together making sure we understand what people are working on and how they progress is critical. DuoMe helps teams track their work and show their progress without more status meetings.
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Make yourself visible, share your work

As we spend different days in different locations, in-person interactions will vary across the team and your network. Share what you plan to work on and make your achievements visible. DuoMe provides a simple and effective way to communicate what you work on and where you plan to be.


How were your progress and achievements last week?


What do you plan to work on this week?


What problems are slowing your progress?

See where people
plan to work

Effective hybrid working recognises work as an activity, not a place. For people to do their most effective work, planning to be in the office on the same days as key people is a requirement. DuoMe lets the team share their location schedule and plan team or event days for key groups to meet in person.
Hybrid location schedule
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Reduce status meetings, increase visibility

The number of meetings people are attending has increased. DuoMe makes it easy to replace status meetings with written updates that can be retrieved at any time, providing a team view of what’s being worked on.

Enforced remote working during the Covid pandemic has changed how we work forever

DuoMe for Hybrid Teams helps teams to collaborate efficiently while working across locations and at different times. Companies need to support the change of work style for their teams. Contact us for more information or to request a demo.
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