Work in progress, plan where to work

Hybrid teams will work in different locations on different days. Providing a team schedule so people can plan when to be where is essential. DuoMe helps teams to schedule where they will be and make it visible to aid planning.
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Plan where to work, with whom, and on what topics

Effective hybrid working means optimising time spent in a particular location. Deciding to be in the office next week is about who you want to work with and on what topics. DuoMe helps hybrid teams plan and share their location.


Who is going to be in the office or remote next week?


Schedule effective days to be in the office based on who you work with.


Define type of work, enabling the coordination of people together in same location.

Understand where the team plans to work

DuoMe automatically collects and displays the team’s schedule, creating awareness of where people plan to work and enabling in-person activities to be easily co-ordinated.
Hybrid location schedule
Plan office days based on work

Plan office days based on work or topic

Deciding to work in the office should be based type of work and who else is going to be there. DuoMe enables teams to assign work by location and set focus days for collaboration on a specific topic.

Enforced remote working during the Covid pandemic has changed how we work forever

DuoMe for Hybrid Teams helps teams to collaborate efficiently while working across locations and at different times. Companies need to support the change of work style for their teams. Contact us for more information or to request a demo.
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