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The work we do in the office is finally changing. A hybrid work style means adjusting to varying levels of visibility of colleagues, planning what work to do where and with whom. Hybrid teams need help to adapt.
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Our flexible working platform is used by hybrid teams to collaborate efficiently while working across locations and at different times. This is achieved by facilitating three main activities.

Schedule effective office time
Plan work by location
Work in or out of sync

Employees want choices about how they work.

Supporting hybrid working means enabling your teams to organise themselves to work across different locations and at different times, which will require different ways of working.


Want to return to the office for part of the week, between 1 and 4 days.


Want to work fully remote long-term.


Want to go back to the office full-time.
* Source: GWI/Slack Survey of 9,032 knowledge workers in Q3 2020 across US, U.K., France, Germany, Japan and Australia
** Source:
GWI Work's 2020 report
Hybrid location schedule

Book effective
office days,
not just desks.

Planning when to be in the office is a key part of how hybrid teams need to work. By organising work by topic, person or type of activity, and showing who is working where, DuoMe simplifies planning what days to be in the office.

Office & remote
are different

Recognising that hybrid teams can't all work the same hours is one of the most fundamental changes. Improving how the team communicates to support more asynchronous interactions is key. DuoMe centralises key information as a team asset linking information from meetings and topics together in an easy to access central location.
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Stay visible,
let your work
do the talking.

Less time in the office means less physical presence, but it doesn't have to reduce your visibility. Share your activity with the team as you work, and ensure your work is seen (at any time). DuoMe enables teams to show what they are working on and share their achievements easily.

Everything managers need to support hybrid teams

Managers now have more to do, reduce the endless cycles of status meetings and support practical ways to improve the hybrid working of their teams.
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Compete for and win talent, offer work style choice

Support hybrid schedules
Enable more flexible hours
Co-ordinate effective office time
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Frequently asked questions.

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team
Is there a trial period?
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Currently DuoMe is operating a wait list to add hybrid teams onto the platform. Add your email to the wait list here and we will get in touch when you hit the top of the list.

When we move from an invite method to public access we are expecting to offer a trial period for users to assess the tool before deciding to buy.

Does it integrate with other tools?
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Yes, currently we are integrated to M365/Outlook for calendar information. Additionally, we are working on supporting Gmail for calendar and MS Planner to sync task information inside the tool.

Integrating into wider collaboration tools is an ongoing activity for us and we plan to continue to add more integrations going forward. If you have any suggestions contact us here.

How does the location planning work?
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DuoMe brings location planning into the centre of how the team co-ordinates itself. The focus is on automating the creation of the team schedule of what days they are working at what location.

The tool enables team members and managers to set location preferences that are then displayed as the location schedule for the team, centralising understanding of who is where.