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Hybrid working means rethinking the purpose of so many meetings. DuoMe helps teams run effective meetings with multiplayer collaborative agendas, notes, and actions that are shared across the team.
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Improve your meetings

Many teams communicate via meeting; it’s the operating rhythm of the organisation. As more remote days mean more work activities outside the standard 9 to 5, how we run meetings will evolve to keep people informed and connected regardless of where they work. Focusing on what makes a good meeting means avoiding distracting people from productive work and including only the relevant people to reach decisions. Making outputs visible as actions is key.


Setting out why we need to meet and giving the opportunity to contribute in advance.


Understanding not everyone can attend live and nudging users in the office to do it face to face.


If you are bringing people together, use their time wisely and make meetings action-oriented and trackable.

Make meeting information shared

Create shared, multiplayer meeting notes that let teams easily collaborate on the outputs and share work in progress. DuoMe enables meeting information to be shared with people working different hours.
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Link information by topic

Don't let the information created in meetings sit isolated in emails. Connect information by topic, people, or series of meetings. DuoMe lets information in meeting notes be easily shared and linked to other topics.

Enforced remote working during the Covid pandemic has changed how we work forever

DuoMe for Hybrid Teams helps teams to collaborate efficiently while working across locations and at different times. Companies need to support the change of work style for their teams. Contact us for more information or to request a demo.
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