Collaborative Scheduling for Flexible Teams

2020 changed everything for Flexible Working. 

At its peak, 50% of the UK workforce, over 13m people, worked remotely. 

Those that said ‘it won’t work here’ did it themselves, location Flexibility went prime time and passed the test.

But then people started saying, why am I so exhausted, I feel like I’m working more, and I miss the office (sometimes).

So soon, people will return to the office but not in the same way as before, people will work part of the week from home long term.

And that changes EVERYTHING…

…WHO you network with and WHAT you work on is now linked to WHERE you’re working (office/remote)

Which means HOW we all work must evolve!

Distributed Work-Style

Plan the right work for the right location

With smaller spaces and less time per week in the office, the work that gets done there will change. People will start to plan the type of work based on where they are working.

Recognise that office and remote hours are different

Office hours plus zoom is not remote working; it’s exhausted, unhappy, demotivated teams. Remote working and more flexible hours are connected.

Foster networking and co-created culture

Some people will be in the office more than others, some on different days. Fixed schedules of people never overlapping with others beyond their team will ruin company culture and reduce opportunity.

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